Equipping a Raspberry Pi With Sensors
Recently I decided to blow the dust off my old RPi 1B and buy a package of sensors and emitters: Sunfounder's Sensor Kit v. 1.0. This is a guide to its usage.


The design of the website has changed
This website now features a new light colour theme.


Network Model of Fighters
My combat game (prototype) Fighters works over a network connection. I want to present some insights into its networking model. The main idea is the synchronized connection to a central server.


Prototype of Fighters is available
The prototype for a network-based combat game, called "fighters", is now finally available to download.


On level design in Blue Bug Bob: Collectibles, Checkpoints and Lifes
This is the follow-up to an article I have written before. This article expands on the ideas and explores the role of collectibles, checkpoints and lifes in platforming games and how this insight was incorporated into Blue Bug Bob.