New website:

10.06.15    website

I have finally renewed my website presence. It is now available under With the move the came a change to a more mature design (and the switch of the main language to English).

This new design is made possible by a change of workflow. The old page was handcrafted HTML. But instead of copy-pasting repetitive elements all over the place I used JavaScript to insert the side bar menu. This always struck me as - at the same time - correctly designed and completely overblown. This new page is based on Pellican, a static side generator written in Python. All elements can be designed centrally inside templates. These in turn get rendered to the actual website on my PC before being uploaded to the server hosting the website.

Because of this workflow the design, structure and layout can be tweaked and adjusted easily while the end result is still just a static web page. I use my own Pelican theme based on the theme nikhil. Additionally I replaced the stock Bootstrap with Bootswatch's SuperHero theme.

This server is now at Uberspace, a German company serving completely accessible and adjustable shared hosting instances. I mean completely. You get full ssh access to your home directory on some server. There you can copy files and run commands at your pleasure (except, of course, there is no root access). Nobody will charge you extra because you hit some arbitrary limit of ten or whatever e-mail aliases. It's heaven.