Prismatic Conflict Prismatic Conflict

Prismatic Conflict is a multiplayer real-time strategy game about crystalline robots fighting over the control of Prismite extractors and trying to bring their color of the Prism to victory!

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Blue Bug Bob Blue Bug Bob

Blue Bug Bob is a platformer game for Windows and Linux. The insect protagonist has to avoid deadly enemies like bees and fireflies and collect berries to reach his goal. This game combines precise platform mechanics with puzzle elements. It is available for free on

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Fighters Fighters

This is a proof of concept for a network based game. Clients connect to a central server to engage in ranged combat in a two-dimensional arena viewed from the side. Players can jump, duck and collect different kinds of ammunition. The different types change the behaviour of the projectiles and enforce different playing styles.

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Viplex Viplex

This program parses a mathematical expression entered by the user and creates a view of the complex plane using the resulting function. Points are colored based on the output of the function defined by the expression. The user can move the view of the complex plane freely using the mouse or the keyboard. The view can also be zoomed to explore the finer details of the defined functions.

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Panserver is a simple HTTP web server which enables you to view your Markdown documents in rendered form in your web browser. A particularly interesting feature is the possibility to enable auto-refresh. With this feature the views of documents will refresh themselves when the source documents are updated.

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Abitur 2015 website Abi 2015 website

This was a dynamic website for my level (i.e. my class and all parallel classes). It allowed the students to do polls on various topics and to collect comments about courses and fellow students. This was used as the content for the final yearbook.

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A minimalistic dark Vim color scheme for GUI and terminal. A fitting Airline theme is included!

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