Blue Bug Bob


Blue Bug Bob is a platformer game for Windows and Linux combining precise controls with puzzle elements. Find more about its development with posts tagged BBB as well as on IndieDB and Twitter.

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I have written blog posts about the design philosophy of Blue Bug Bob:

Gameplay description

Dodge thorns, aggressive bees, fast dragonflies and other enemies and obstacles. Get help by the powerful fireflies to boost your energy and even break through walls. Also don't forget to collect the valuable berries to unlock further levels.

The game innovates the platforming genre with a its unique flight mechanic. Bob can fly freely around the landscape - but only for a very limited amount of time. This fundamentally changes how the player and the environment interact.

This game is a level-based platforming adventure. It combines precise platforming challenges with puzzle aspects. And if you want a challenge try to beat the clock and get extra berries.


This game is programmed using the D programming language and the SDL library. For the latter I am using a personal wrapper publically available on BitBucket.