This is a little prototype game, a proof of concept for a network based game. It is by no means meant to be complete. In this game clients connect to a central server to play a ranged combat game.

The game features different configuration options which can be set inside the server which distributes them to the client. The configuration allows setting the game mode and the types of available ammunition.

Download for Windows

I have written a post about this game's networking mechanism.


The players spawn as colored rectangles with eyes on a 2d battlefield viewed from the side. The players can run around, jump and duck. And most importantly they can shoot projectiles at each other to score points.

When the players run out of ammunition they have to go to special rearm points to collect more. These points generate a random type of ammunition which determines the characteristics of the projectiles and more. The players have to adapt their tactics to the type of ammunition they have been dealt.


Please be aware that the game is not polished. Both the server and the client use the console to set themselves up.

The server can be started with a configuration file as argument (on Windows this can achieved dragging the configuration onto the executable). Otherwise the default configuration is used. The server additionally only needs the number of players to be expected. After the input the server listens on port 11112 and waits for incoming connections by game clients.

The client just needs the IP address of the server. Please make sure the port 11112 is forwarded to the actual computer running the server. (It always works inside local networks using just local addresses.) Once the expected the number of client connects, the game starts.

The game screen pops up. The remaining lifes, your player colour and the remaining ammunition are shown in the top left corner. Use the arrow keys to move your character and space to shoot. When out of ammunition move to the silver or gold squares. Shoot other players' characters to gain points.