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How to add Dear Imgui to an SDL2+OpenGL project

During the development of many (visual) applications and tools a simple ad-hoc GUI-library can be very useful to interactively experiment with different settings and inspect values for debugging. The Dear Imgui C++-library fits this niche perfectly.


How to setup an SDL2+OpenGL project with CMake

The SDL2 library can be used to create and manage an OpenGL environment, which then can be accessed directly using the OpenGL API. This is a quite comfortable alternative to the "common" ecosystem of add-ons and extension wranglers. But how exactly to setup the build, i.e. what headers to include and what libraries to link to, is quite hard to find out.


Why do we need header files in C and C++?

Header files are an important part of programming in C. But they are a clunky, error-prone, and redundant nuisance. How did they come to be? What function do they have?


Solvemind - Mastermind game and analyzer

I have recently released a simple terminal based Mastermind game: Solvemind. It is available on Github. In this game you can step by step deduce the secret code to win the game. Additionally this implementation enables you to analyze the current situation and possible guesses.


Robot Drawing on Whiteboard

I have recently built a robot drawing on a whiteboard using a Raspberry Pi 3 and Lego-motors. I have made a video of me controlling it. Here is a presentation of the robot's setup and the way it is built.