Development of Blue Bug Bob #2

27.08.15    bbb    gamedev

I again sum up the development of the past weeks of Blue Bug Bob (IndieDB). It has gone steadily and Blue Bug Bob is nearing its completion.

Game mechanics

Mushroom and Mycelium

I have recently implemented the mushroom/mycelium interaction. I will not spoil its exact behaviour here. This mechanic was the last planned. And now that it is implemented, it has opened the door for all kinds of new puzzles. These appear in the many new levels.

Editor mode

The editor has of course existed for a long time. It is the way I have implemented the levels of the game. But now I have polished it and made it more usable. Now it is good enough to make it an official unofficial mode which enables the creation of mods for the game.

The road ahead

The game is nearing its completion. Only five more levels are planned. Additionally the game needs a fulfilling well-rounded ending. Then Blue Bug Bob will be ready for Prime Time. This is not that much anymore so I can happily announce the game will be released in September. And to strengthen the hype here is a little teaser trailer I made for Blue Bug Bob (using the excellent video editing capabilities of Blender):