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Solvemind - Mastermind game and analyzer

I have recently released a simple terminal based Mastermind game: Solvemind. It is available on Github. In this game you can step by step deduce the secret code to win the game. Additionally this implementation enables you to analyze the current situation and possible guesses.


Network Model of Fighters

My combat game (prototype) Fighters works over a network connection. I want to present some insights into its networking model. The main idea is the synchronized connection to a central server.


Prototype of Fighters is available

The prototype for a network-based combat game, called "fighters", is now finally available to download.


On level design in Blue Bug Bob: Collectibles, Checkpoints and Lifes

This is the follow-up to an article I have written before. This article expands on the ideas and explores the role of collectibles, checkpoints and lifes in platforming games and how this insight was incorporated into Blue Bug Bob.


Runtime Performance with D and its GC

Again and again I read at the D programming language forums that D cannot be really fast. Some people say that the slow conservative GC of the D runtime makes long-running real time application impossible to write in D. This does not at all fit my experience.


Development of Blue Bug Bob #2

I again sum up the development of the past weeks of Blue Bug Bob. It has gone steadily and Blue Bug Bob is nearing its completion.


Development of Blue Bug Bob

I have recently released a new demo of Blue Bug Bob on IndieDB. This included two recent changes to the game, and nobody complained about them so I call that a success. And also now I like them very much and think they are a big improvement: colour adjustments and …


On level design in Blue Bug Bob: Mechanics and Theme

Blue Bug Bob is a two-dimensional platformer with predefined levels. There level design is a central part of the game and contributes much to the feeling of the game. Therefore the level design needs much thought if the game is to be fun and successful. Here I elaborate my thoughts …


Using D templates for gamedev

Many people disregard the D programming language for gamedev because many of its abstractions rely on the GC. But carefully designed D programs can be as efficient as corresponding C/C++ programs while being more typesafe and better structured. I want to share my experience and some tricks I discovered.