Prismatic Conflict

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Prismatic Conflict is a multiplayer real-time strategy game about crystalline robots fighting over the control of Prismite extractors and trying to bring their color of the Prism to victory!


Join a game over the Internet to fight a strategic battle. Build structures to increase your area of influence and conquer the Prismite extractors. Use the resources gained to summon waves of autonomous crystalline robots from your various factories to fight the forces of the enemy and destroy their buildings.

Development and Download

Prismatic Conflict is currently in Alpha-stage of development. You can download the current Alpha Build here:

Basic game guide

In PrisCon you control one color of crystalline robots. Your goal is to eliminate the other colors!

Move the camera by moving the cursor to edge of the window, by WASD or holding and dragging the middle mouse button. Zoom using the mouse wheel. The direction of zooming is affected by your cursor position. Zooming out and back in somewhere else is a very fast way to move about.

You interact with the game in two ways: You can build new buildings and activate your existing buildings. Both costs Prismite. You can find your current stock on the top left of the screen. Your income ticks in periodically.

To build a building select its icon in the bar on the bottom of the screen. Then move your cursor to somewhere in the battlefield. If you have enough Prismite and the selected position is valid, the shadow of the building will turn green. Click the left mouse button to place the building. Click the right mouse button to cancel the placement.

A building which does not have a white progress bar slowly filling up is ready to be activated. Hover the building with the cursor to see the activation cost. Click the left mouse button to activate. Buildings do different things when activated. Most create one or more units that autonomously attack the next enemy target. Keep in mind that units have a limited range!

The buildings that already exist at the start of the game are Prismite Extractors. They are indestructible. Instead they can be captured. They produce Prismite for their owner and they also can be upgraded to increase the income.


PrisCon is built using the D Programming Language and the SDL2 library.

The networking is implemented using a similar architecture to Fighters. The server and the client are united in one executable and fully usable through a GUI interface.